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Rethink how you attract, reward and retain your people.


Your Employer Value Proposition is your biggest tool when it comes to attracting new talent, retaining exceptional people and rewarding performance. Learn what benefits people believe are more important than salary, with the top three responses broken down by generation, and by gender.

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The career stories of real people in Marketing & Digital, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources & Recruitment, Business Services, and Sales & Customer Experience. Learn about what makes an organisation stand out to them, the attributes they look for in company leaders, and how they connect with their organisation's values.

The annual Talent Guide is an increasingly valuable snapshot of the market realities that we are facing here and now. The data collection, conversion to information, and dissemination ensures that I am as well equipped as I can be to confidently move in the market and position our business to achieve the best possible outcome in the people space. I use the Talent Guide every time we are recruiting to ensure that I understand the environment that we are moving into.

Alan Bones
General Manager at EasyCraft