50 questions on work, culture, values and reward.

Learn more about what really matters to people in your workplace to see flow on benefits in your recruitment, retention, engagement and team-building.

  • Questions are split into four criteria on work, culture, values and reward.
  • Use in the interview process, for internal reviews, 1:1's, team building and even exit interviews. 
  • Build trust and safety, reward employees in meaningful ways, and inform your Employer Value Proposition.

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Inspired by our annual Talent Guide.

Three years ago, we started sharing these questions in our first Talent Guide survey. Every year, we publish the results in our annual Talent Guide to equip people and culture teams, hiring managers and business owners with a resource that provides real-life insights into what really matters to people in the workplace.

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“One of the challenges of dealing with recruiters is that the remuneration model tends to drive a transactional relationship. Talentpath have redefined their role by adding significant value outside of the straight line “vacancy – recruit – fill role – move to next” traditional approach. The Talent Guide Card Deck is not just useful in helping to get the best information from candidates – it is a powerful tool, helping non-professional interviewers (like me) to be able to competently conduct an interview with structure and targeted outcomes by using the cards. The four sections can be used independently, but together provide a complete list of all the information you will ever need to know in an interview, and I suspect that a candidate prepared with these questions will also do very well in an interview. I have used the cards now in four interviews, and I’m getting improved depth of understanding of a candidate, every time.”

Alan Bones
General Manager at Easycraft